Advantages and disadvantages of debt negotiation

Advantages and disadvantages of debt negotiation:
Advantages: long repayment period, high amount
The maximum installment is 15 years, so the monthly repayment amount can be significantly reduced. As long as you know how to fight, the interest rate is usually better than the average interest rate of the original loan (optimum or even 0 interest rate)
※ All unsecured debts (such as credit loans + credit card debts) can be applied for if the sum is less than 12 million
Disadvantages: credit freeze
The bank will make a credit note on the joint levy. During the period, the credit is frozen, new loans cannot be added, and the credit card cannot be used. <Old card / new office will not work>. The credit cannot be restored until the total arrears are paid off one year.
Can the credit freeze be avoided?