Loan consolidation

Loan consolidation, make good use of consolidation liabilities to clear debts, effective!

Mr. Lin works in the high-tech industry that is listed on the counter and works as an engineer. He is well paid every month. He is married and has two children. Because of the poor concept of financial management when he was young, and spending as much as he wanted, even if the cost of living has been overdrawn, he is still unable to restrain his desire to shop, so the debt of the credit card is increasing. Coupled with the failure of investing in stocks, a lot of money was lost, and even the savings around them were very small. When he was gradually unable to afford the family and his own living expenses, Mr. Lin realized that this would not be the way to go. He must resolve the debt problem as soon as possible in order to give his family a better life.
Due to the outbreak of the dual-card storm in recent years, in the case of successive drawdowns by banks, Mr. Lin originally wanted to find a bank for integration of debts. However, because the amount of arrears of card debts exceeded the limit of bank liabilities, banks considered that the risk of lending was too high to provide integration Program. Later, Mr. Lin had to negotiate with the bank individually to reduce interest rates and monthly payments. However, after several thoughts, considering that the negotiation will affect the individual’s credit, so on the premise of maintaining good credit, the elimination of individual negotiation to solve the debt problem was eliminated. In the case of limited repayment ability, in order to allow the child to have a carefree life in the future, Mr. Lin and his wife saved money, and the couple minimized their expenses as much as possible, no longer spending money arbitrarily.
Slowly, Mr. Lin’s card debt was also paid back nearly half, and he paid on time every month, maintaining good credit with his bank contacts. Therefore, this time Mr. Lin decided to find a professional financial planning consulting company to assist with the consolidation liabilities.

Expert advice:
Although Mr. Lin’s credit card cycle is high, there is a certain degree of difficulty in integration, but because Mr. Lin has a stable income and a good payment record, it is suggested that Mr. Lin can try to apply to the bank to integrate all card debts in the name, so that The original 6 or 7 credit card arrears were consolidated into one lump, reducing monthly payments, making payment easier. And because the credit loan is calculated on the basis of equal distribution of principal and interest, most of the money paid to the bank each month is to repay the principal. In addition to reducing interest and reducing monthly payments, it can also speed up the repayment time, let Mr. Lin The burden was suddenly lightened a lot. Although the process of consolidating debts was very difficult, it also allowed Mr. Lin to solve the debt trouble smoothly and correct the vice of excessive consumption. He also usually pays more attention to information on financial management. I believe that as long as you are willing to face debt consolidation, any problems Can be easily solved

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